Development projects

BitNET network is BitNET Developers issued a P2P virtual network system,It is constructed by many digital wallet nodes. Vpncoin is the first digital currency issued by the Bitnet network.In the bitnet network, the wallet is not just a financial instrument, it also fuses many functional modules with practical value. Make full use of the virtual network composed of numerous wallet client. To build a complete digital currency of the ecological system.In BitNET network, we have developed the AES encryption chat system,IOT system, the check system, file sharing system, the website domain name system, P2P agent system, etc. We have some characteristics of the advanced technology, is under development. Our from July, 2014, developed so far,We have published more than 50 version.Starting from 2016, we have developed the block chain networking technology, for the first time the block chain technology used in the Internet of things in the hardware control.It can be used in the future of the Internet environment, so that intelligent devices can access block chain data, so that your intellectual equipment can also generate POS currency interest.

IOT service system

The first development of the block chain based on the Internet of things technology

Block chain and Internet of things hardware control technology

Your intellectual equipment can also generate POS currency interest.

POS andorid wallet

Mobile wallet with complete POS function,Mobile phones can also generate POS interest

P2P block chain application

No center, no registration, maintenance free, can not cheat.

Chat system

AES encryption communications technology, Real anonymous audio and video chat system.

P2P development technology

Make full use of the wallet node, AES encryption level, there is no center server, support for reward activities.

Website & domain name

Based on wallet node development,Domain name supports arbitrary strings.

Wallet contains website module

Based on wallet node development,P2P management technology,Supports external web sites in LAN.

More development projects

Powerful domain name system, support arbitrary strings.Our wallet contains a website building mudule. In addition to these features, we also developed the IRC chat system.The wallet node reward function,Currency check production function, Qr code identification function, Our goal is to build the best digital currency ecosystem. On the right side window, contains several function modules of information, they are very good.

Why Choose Us

      • We have the best development team, advanced technology.
      • International support, support for multiple operating systems.
      • We have a complete digital currency ecosystem.
      • Our currency distribution more fair, fair and transparent.
      • We love our users,We have the best technology of digital currency.

What Client’s Say

This is a very good digital currency system.It has practical use value, For example, very advanced technology of IOT service.
I like this software very much.It is the most I’ve ever seen use value of digital currency system. I advise people to know it.
jacks, IBM
This is a very good team.They are very united, work is also very hard. Vpncoin has the very high use value. I am very happy, I have known vpncoin.
Gojcus, R & D