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Dear Bitnet user:
Thank you very much for our attention, Time passed quickly,In the twinkling of an eye,vpncoin wallet V1128 release has been a month.We are in the new version of the software, fixes a few bug.In this new version, we added some of the outstanding recommendations of the user.In the new version, we further upgrade the lottery system,So you will be able to see more detailed lottery information.For example, the new version, we added the bonus function module,Bonus module, allowing users to send advertising, set bonuses, etc.
The new version of the beta time:June 29, 2015 – July 4, 2015
The members attending the software testing are:
1.Vpncoin Development Foundation
2.The development team to specify users
3.Trading site.
4.The news media personnel
Note:Any person involved in the test can not be free to disclose the new version of the software to others.

V1132 version of the Mobile Phone Wallet released, this is a fully functional version of the wallet, it supports mobile phone POS.

NEWS:Version 1128 Released

Content description
Name of foundation:Vpncoin Development Foundation
Chinese Name:微币发展基金会
Abbreviation name:VDF
Fund source: community members voluntary contributions, we temporarily only accept bitcoins and vpncoin donations.
Objective: “the love world, self dedication, popularization BitNET & Vpncoin, development and benefit mankind”.
Conditions for membership: a one-time donation of more than 1000vpn.
QQ Group:136994419

BitNet Exchanges:bittrex and yuanbaohui websites.
Today Bitnet join bitrrex and yuanbaohui websites.
now, we will can to Buy & Sell VpnCoins.
bittrex link:https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-VPN
yuanbaohui link:https://yuanbaohui.com/trade/vpn2cny

Today is a very important day,
Starting today, jl777 will join our team,
And i and vpncoin join superNet, we will also share BitNet’s functionality to SuperNet.

Obviously jl777 was a trusted and influential people, so we sent 97M vpncoins to jl777 for distribution to the community.

The 50M for promotion and bounties and marketing to help bitnet grow
The 47M for SuperNET is for it to hold long term for stabilization.

To: VdHevSrSsdFn5Mrbrf7xxM99uthTEhiEpJ (50000000.00 VPN)
Transaction ID: cc143e785d3d88d7c31a8408343dabb7a8621e57b7377414193e77fd654cec10

To: VdJhwNX1T8MMnwek1hWfrT2PNZYrj8PDW5 (47000000.00 VPN)
Transaction ID: c059b108f5d55d12498ca88670ff15784b005137b7aeca54c1c401b223c4e5b4

Another 62755530 vpn ( VcC3ZQfErwwxEt75B63LfvnujhHtBRqyTq ) will be distribute to community by reward nodes way, it is a long-term giveaway.

And the 600M vpncoins ( VusLpcbyV6jenaG9dbFJxsBx28Lp9JqNvm ) will be freeze, all will send to VZzpuiATQouD4mu9jnedRuKrgpHyY2Me1w