BitNET – VASH client

BitNET network is BitNET Developers issued a P2P virtual network system,It is constructed by many digital wallet nodes. Vpncoin is the first digital currency issued by the Bitnet network.In the bitnet network, the wallet is not just a financial instrument, it also fuses many functional modules with practical value. Make full use of the virtual network composed of numerous wallet client. To build a complete digital currency of the ecological system.In BitNET network, we have developed the AES encryption chat system, Block chain IOT hardware control, the check system, file sharing system, the website domain name system, P2P agent system, etc. We have some characteristics of the advanced technology, is under development. Our from July, 2014, developed so far,We have published more than 50 version.Starting from 2016, we have developed the block chain networking technology, for the first time the block chain technology used in the Internet of things in the hardware control.It can be used in the future of the Internet environment, so that intelligent devices can access block chain data, so that your intellectual equipment can also generate POS currency interest.

In v1704, Vpncoin renamed vash, In this version, we add the zero knowledge proof protocol

Windows Client

File name:Vash1704Win.7z

support windows xp/2003/2008/2012/win7/win8/win10/MAC OS

link 01:
Baidu Disk(windows):

link 02:
Baidu Disk(MAC OS):

Block chain data download(block height:1244034):
baidu disk link:
code : c4r5

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