BitNET VPNCOIN PoS+Scrypt Encryption technology

Domain,Zero Knowledge Proof,Website,Block chain Internet of things technology,AES Chat,P2P PhoneCall and VideoCall System,Bonus

BitNET & VPNCOIN PoS+Scrypt Encryption technology

BitNET network is BitNET Developers issued a P2P virtual network system,It is constructed by many digital wallet nodes. Vpncoin is the first digital currency issued by the Bitnet network.In the bitnet network, the wallet is not just a financial instrument, it also fuses many functional modules with practical value.Make full use of the virtual network composed of numerous wallet client.To build a complete digital currency of the ecological system.In 2017, we developed a zero knowledge proof protocol POS3.0 technology, our wallet now supports the transaction of zero knowledge proof with ordinary transaction two-way choice.

Total coins
Block time

BitNet network: a global virtual encrypted monetary network

Bitnet network using virtual currency technology to build and become. It is an encrypted virtual network independent of the Internet, in which you can set up your own website,This technology allows you even to set up a web site in an intranet LAN.Bitnet network have their own independent domain name system, P2P network, more secure and transparent.

Bitnet – vpncoin wallet function preview:

Domain,Website,Block chain Internet of things technology,AES Chat,P2P PhoneCall and VideoCall System, Zero Knowledge Proof

Ad Bonus

The world’s first using the virtual currency block technology to construct P2P Bonus system to center, everyone can issue bonus, It is a very good marketing tool, only a very small cost, you can push advertising to the world.

Audio and video chat system

AES encryption communication system, P2P technology, all the chat content will not be any person listen, support file sharing and delivery, more secure, anonymous, integrated wallet reward function.

Currency reward system

You can easily, in your website to embed our reward code, exception, in our chat system, also built a currency reward function.

Website system

In the BitNET network, the software contains the infrastructure of the website, any user can set up the website in BitNET network, and can even set up your website in the LAN.

Domain name system

In BitNet network, contains a separate domain name system, the traditional domain name system of the upgrade expansion, make it become a go to the center of the distributed domain name system, Domain name can be any string.

Zero Knowledge Proof

POS3.0 technology,zero knowledge proof protocol transaction,Regular transaction,Two kinds of transaction level

Check system

To issue your own digital check picture, easy to use offline, you can customize the check style.

Guessing riddles games

First P2P riddles games, it will be game content written into the currency block, which is a free operation, maintenance free game system.

More features

developing more new features, such as mobile VPN service module.

VPNCOIN technology features

  • Total monetary distribution:400000000

  • Block time:60 seconds

  • Maturity:120

  • Release time:In September 2014

  • PoS+Scrypt Encryption technology

  • C/C++ language development

  • Built-in playing module

  • Qr code wallet address generation

  • Check support custom style

  • Transaction message

  • Mixed coins mode

  • Custom purse the background image

  • Proof of Stake 2.0

  • Automatically add nodes to conf file

  • Linux system

  • windows system

  • Mac system

  • Internationalization support

  • Multi signature technology

  • Support plug-in extension

  • Built in high speed web browser

  • Wallet advanced settings

  • Detailed transaction records

  • Better communication record

  • Distributed de centering technology

  • Mobile phone users can also POS

  • At least 10 VPN for each block

Use manual download

We have two types of mobile phone version of the client

1.POS wallet with full function. 2.Coinomi Wallet

New features and Functions in developing

In order to provide better service to BitNET users, we are developing some new features and features.If you have any good Suggestions, please contact us!For example, here is a red envelope system being developed, it will support the advertising function, it will be the best marketing tool.

BitNET-Vpncoin Development Foundation

Objective: “the love world, self dedication, popularization BitNET & Vpncoin, development and benefit mankind”.

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